Scientific research is a fundamental component of the University’s activity; it is the most important evaluation criterion for assessing qualification and academic performance. UDJG is accredited as a research and development unit through the decision of ANCS No. 9673 from 17.06.2008

UDJG scientific research had an ascending evolution in time, being oriented towards the majority of activity domains and involving the majority of teachers. The sustained activity of research teams made possible the establishment of research centers in faculties, having highly equipped laboratories, corresponding to national and international standards. Of the total number of 28 research centers, 14 centers are accredited at a national level by NURC, following a rigorous evaluation.

UDJG benefits from highly specialized human resources and the development of research activities is a natural consequence with positive effects on the quality of educational activities. The results of their scientific research activities is found in the large number of scientific and technical papers published in ISI specialized journals, products and technologies based on patents, approval of results or own innovations, prospective and technological studies, national and international conferences participation.

Attracting financing through research – as a measure of compliance with the real needs of knowledge and quality of research – represents a central point in teachers activities. The positive evolution in the volume and level of UDJG research activities is reflected in the large number of projects that obtained financing through national competition for the period 2007-2013 in the National Plan for Research Development and Innovation II. Therefore, UDJG carries out a large number of research projects type -PARTNERSHIPS, exploratory research type - IDEAS, infrastructure type - CAPACITIES, type - INNOVATIONS, type – HUMAN RESOURCES for the development of scientific personnel and research and development contracts with the economic environment.

The research institutional and inter-institutional partnerships existent and the ones being developed, the existent research inter-disciplinary platform, the bilateral cooperation in scientific activity concluded with international partners made possible the participation of UDJG researchers in a large number of consortiums, in projects of European interest selected to be financed through FP7, as well as for the conduct of joint activities in the European technological platform.

Since 2008 UDJG participated with project proposals in competitions financed through structural founding, currently there are projects carried out financed through different structural tools: Social European Found, the European Regional Development Found and the Cohesion Found. New proposals have been submitted in the frame of European competitions that finance projects dedicated to national and international cooperation. Special attention was given to European projects participation that sustain teachers and students travel, such as TEMPUS, LDV or ERASMUS.


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